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Creddle – Craft Your Better Resume

Posted by Marcus Zillman


Creddle – Craft Your Better Resume

Be creative and stand out, without compromising professionalism or practicality. Creddle résumés are both websites and paper résumés. Powerful Customization … The template is just the beginning. Change headers. Add color. Move sections. Your information moves with you. That means less CTRL-C and CTRL-V. Easy in, easy out including a) Use LinkedIn to help fill out your résumé; b) Share it on the web; c) Embed it on your own website beta; d) Print it out and hand it to a person; e) Print it as a .pdf file; and f) Export it as a .docx file beta. Automatic One-Page Fit … Add and change information and your Creddle résumé will change with you, while keeping relative font sizes consistent. Save time from constantly tweaking font sizes to fit. This will be added to Employment Resources Subject Tracer™.

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