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Cubigo – Maintain Social Contacts for Independent Living

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Cubigo – Maintain Social Contacts for Independent Living

Each cube has a clear and easily recognizable icon. The address book, your weight scale, the family notebook with all the bits and pieces that you love to share, or information from and about the community. CubesTM help you maintain social contacts. Of course there are cubes for the many ways you may already be connected such as email or Facebook. The advantage is: you choose what you need and all from the same screen, you can’t make a mistake, it all works to provide you an easy-to-use experience. Features include: a) Easy – The essence of Cubigo: everybody can do it. Never heard about the internet, or used a computer? They offer their support to get you started, and you will be good to go. Cubigo is comprehensive, works easily, you can’t do anything wrong. And you determine what’s important to and what isn’t. Cubigo is your social and care network with access to relevant information and services; b) Independent – Cubigo is an open independent platform; open to everyone. Cubigo is the result of research and development in excellence of effective aging services in Europe. With the use of easy-to-use technology, the Cubigo platform aggregates, validates and integrates older adult services based on a scientifically validated technology with highest standards of reliability and quality; c) Secured – The user data is safe with Cubigo. What information you share is entirely your decision. They respect your privacy and have strict security requirements. Your information will be handled carefully and not used for other purposes. You can count on that. The platform offers HIPAA compliant services for working with your health care providers. Cubigo supports you in your care process at home; and d) Anytime anywhere – The Cubigo services are available everywhere, wherever you are in the world, not matter which device you use (laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC). All you need is an Internet connection. So even if your neighbors or family are on vacation, they stay in touch with you, and support you if the need arises you. You are never alone, not at home, nor wherever you go. This will be added to Healthcare Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Elder Resources Subject Tracer™.

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