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Data Transparency Coalition

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Data Transparency Coalition

The Data Transparency Coalition advocates on behalf of the private sector and the public interest for the publication of government information as standardized, machine-readable data. They believe governments should adopt non-proprietary data standards for the information they generate or collect, and publish such information as machine-readable data, especially with regard to their spending, regulatory, legislative, and judicial activity. The transformation of public information generated and received by governments from disconnected documents into interoperable open data will: a) Strengthen democratic accountability by making public data more accessible for citizens and watchdogs; b) Enhance government management by improving data sharing and analytics capabilities; and c) Reduce compliance costs by automating reporting processes. Data transparency also stimulates tech-sector innovation and creates jobs. The Data Transparency Coalition, on behalf of both the private sector and the public interest: 1) Advocates legislative and regulatory mandates for data standardization and publication; 2) Educates government leaders, private-sector innovators, and the public on the benefits of data transparency; and 3) Convenes stakeholders to collaboratively design policies and build technology solutions that will drive the data transparency transformation. This has been added to Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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