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Posted by Marcus Zillman

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The e-Infrastructures activity, as a part of the Research Infrastructures programme, focuses on ICT-based infrastructures and services that cut across a broad range of user disciplines. It aims at empowering researchers with an easy and controlled online access to facilities, resources and collaboration tools, bringing to them the power of ICT for computing, connectivity, storage and instrumentation. This allows for instant access to data and remote instruments, “in silico” experimentation, as well as the setup of virtual research communities (i.e. research collaborations formed across geographical, disciplinary and organizational boundaries). e-Infrastructures foster the emergence of e-Science, i.e. new working methods based on the shared use of ICT tools and resources across different disciplines and technology domains. Furthermore, e-Infrastructures enable the circulation of knowledge in Europe online and therefore constitute an essential building block for the European Research Area(ERA). This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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