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edX: Introduction to Computer Science

Posted by Marcus Zillman

edX: Introduction to Computer Science

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) mogul, edX, takes popular courses from some of the best universities in the world and adapts them for home computer use. Readers can simply audit courses for free, or they can pay $90 for a Verified Certificate. In that vein, CS50: Introduction to Computer Science is a high-energy Harvard course that includes nine long problem sets and a final project. The free enrollment process is exceptionally simple. Readers may use their existing Facebook or Google accounts, or follow a one-step sign up process. From there, students can explore the course, sign up for optional social media and chat accounts to communicate with other students and instructors and begin watching lectures, completing and turning in problem sets, and receiving grades and feedback on your burgeoning computer science skills. This will be added to Tutorial Resources Subject Tracer™. [From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2015.]

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