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EXXO – Speech Driven Data Visualization and Analytics

Posted by Marcus Zillman


EXXO – Speech Driven Data Visualization and Analytics

The landscape of use cases for speech driven visualizations and analytics is broad indeed. Exxo is focused initially on supplementing financial analysis with on demand data visualizations and methodology insights. Primary use cases covered below are personal use, SMB financial analysis, academia and world of AI and its myriad applications is diverse and rapidly changing to say the least. They provide you information both directly and tangentially relevent to speech-driven visualizations and analytics. Given the fast paced nature of AI technology staying abreast of the latest developments and how they can increase the value for you – is crucial, whether it’s understanding your personal finances, better comprehending your SMBresentation/in-meeting financial discussions, but indeed this list is not exhuastive. This will be added to Online Research Browsers and Data Visualization Tools 2021.

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