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February 2024 Zillman Column: 2024 Link Guide to New Normal Resources

Posted by Marcus Zillman

February 2024 Zillman Column: 2024 Link Guide to New Normal Resources

The February 2024 Zillman Column featuring 2024 Link Guide to New Normal Resources  by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library. This is a comprehensive listing of niched internet new normal resources, sites, and tools on the Internet and available in the new “zoom” education/learning/business/social age. These competent Internet new normal resources as well as open metaverse, ChatGPT and Generative AI resources and tools will be your search engine for your Internet new normal research. The below list of sources is partially taken from my 2024 New Normal StartUp Resources and is constantly updated with Subject Tracer™ bots at the following URL: These tools, resources, and sources will help you to discover the many pathways available to you through the Internet to find the latest Internet new normal resources and open metaverse, chatgpt and generative ai research resources, sources, and sites for shopping. This is another MUST have column to discover the latest 2024 competent niched online  new normal research resources and tools to give you the information you need in today’s ever-changing and fast-paced 2024 New Economy business and academic research world and the New Normal 2024.

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