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Financial Assistance for Disabled Homeowners and Tenants

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Financial Assistance for Disabled Homeowners and Tenants

Registering as disabled can feel intimidating for a number of reasons, with many of them revolving around potentially lost opportunities. The American Dream dictates that anybody can achieve their goals if they roll up their sleeves and work hard enough, but what happens to the unfortunate individuals that are betrayed by their own bodies? Thankfully, the nation’s government is ready to step in and lend a financial hand to many disabled Americans. The Americans with Disabilities Act has helped countless people that would otherwise by hindered by physical ailments take huge strides to receive the same opportunities as their able-bodied compatriots. In addition, several funding streams are available to homeowners. Regardless of whether amendments are required to an existing house or apartment, or a disabled American is looking to climb upon the lowest rung of the property ladder as a first-time buyer, help can be sourced. This article will discuss these many and varied options. This will be added to Elder Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Accessibility Resources Subject Tracer™.

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