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Frontiers of Physics in China: Selected Publications from Chinese

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Frontiers of Physics in China: Selected Publications from Chinese Universities

Frontiers of Physics in China – Selected Publications from Chinese Universities is to present the best research achievements by professors and students of Chinese Universities on various sub-fields of physics. It is intended to facilitate effective communication and exchanges between scientists in China and abroad. It will reflect the significant advances that are currently being made in Chinese universities. The multidisciplinary character of this field will be typified by providing the readers with a broad range of articles. Most are original review articles, research papers and announcement written by individual physicists and research groups; the rest are strictly selected from leading Chinese academic journals and appeal to the international community of academics and other professionals. The journal is to keep related researchers updated on the developments in a wide range of topics reporting experiments, techniques and ideas that advance the understanding of various areas of physics in Chinese universities. This journal especially concerns the following sub-fields: physics of particles and field theory; astrophysics and cosmology; condensed matter physics; statistical physics and nonlinear science; physics of plasmas; atomic, molecular and optical physics; nuclear physics and accelerator physics; low-dimensional physics and mesoscopic system, surface physics; nanostructures and functional materials; quantum information physics; gravitation; interdisciplinary physics and other related areas.

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