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GeniusRocket – Crowdsourced Creative Design

Posted by Marcus Zillman

GeniusRocket – Crowdsourced Creative Design

At GeniusRocket, they have assembled a vibrant creative community of 11,531 talented and motivated creative professionals. Their community of “geniuses” can generate virtually any type of creative execution a client needs – whether a video, flash ad, graphic design or copywriting. And their creators don’t just bid for work – they deliver clients actual creative executions specifically customized to meet a client’s request. Not just one execution – but numerous submissions from a diverse set of creators, ensuring that clients get the benefit of real choice among truly fresh and unique alternatives. And since they have cut out the overhead of traditional agencies, they provide clients the most affordable source for these creative outputs, and creators a great new channel for real, paying assignments. This has been added to Internet Experts Subject Trace™ Information Blog. This has been added to Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Subject Tracer™ Information blog.

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