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Grand Rounds

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is a database of clinical reports of interesting and original findings that present:

* New clinical features of diseases
* New surgical complications
* Unusual presentations
* Complex cases, which present misleading data
* Unusual pathological data
* Unusual images

Historically, significant case reports have possessed the following attributes:

* Descriptions of new diseases
* Recognition of the existence and aetiology of new side effects
* The study of disease mechanisms
* New therapy and prognosis in a particular condition
* Education
* Quality assurance

The purpose of a good case report is to make a point, and our referees will be taking this (as well as the above features) into consideration before making a recommendation to publish or not. Papers which are a reiteration of previously recognised data and which do not have a clear point will be rejected. Grand Rounds is interested in receiving reports from all clinical specialities and specialities allied to medicine. There is a bulletin board for discussion of the published reports. Particularly interesting debates will be appended to the report in question. The bulletin board can be used to discuss the presentation of the case reports in Grand Rounds to ensure that they both educate and inform. Where possible the evidence-based data on the clinical or surgical case will be linked to the report. Thus, people browsing the database can compare and contrast the report to the established evidence.

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