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GVSS – Grid Virtual Screening Service

Posted by Marcus Zillman


GVSS – Grid Virtual Screening Service

The newly launched web portal of GVSS, a grid-based platform that predicts how specific virus proteins interact with drug components, features more than 70.000 virus proteins. The results can be displayed as scalable, interactive 3D models. Since 2006, ASGC has been continuously developing GVSS to integrate global computing resource of different grid systems(service grid and desktop grids). It facilitates the drug discovery by allowing users simultaneous and instant access to grid resource and masks the complexity of the grid environment from end users. Image courtesy Hsi-Kai Wang, Academia Sinica Grid Computing Center. This has been added to Biological Informatics Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Grid, Distributed and Cloud Computing Resources Subject Tracer™ .

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