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ikimal – Best Buying Decisions

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Pikimal – Best Buying Decisions

Picture this: you know it’s time to buy that Gonkulator you’ve been thinking about. It will save you time, increase your productivity, and help you build better relationships. But there are new Gonkulators on the market every day- which one do you choose? You’ve seen a variety of advertisments on billboards and TV, Steve Jobs insists that the iGonk is revolutionizing the market, and your techie friend says to just buy the one with the most megawombats. All you want is the one that best suits your needs, so what do you do? The internet certainly has the information you’re looking for, if you spend the time. However, as often happens, by the time you’ve researched your product enough to figure out that you can’t get a clear picture and large memory space for less than $300, you’ve sunk in two days’ worth of time that you’ll never get back, and now you’re not even sure anymore if the Gonkulator was worth all the trouble. Making informed shopping decisions is time-consuming and difficult to do well. Pikimal’s mission is to help consumers make the best buying decisions. From data that is scattered, vast, and technocratic, Pikimal gathers it all in one place behind an intuitive interface aimed for use by everyday shoppers. Pikimal helps users choose amongst brands and types of products, allowing users find the product that best suits individual needs and preferences. Through Pikimal’s website, consumers interact with product pikis, or web applications that convey each product’s qualities, specifications, and features. The piki allows the user to select how important each feature and specification is to the user, and, upon adjustment, the piki determines the products that best match the user’s preferences. Behind each piki is a current, comprehensive database of products generated from available information. Pikimal features a collection of product pikis, and seeks to build accurate, up-to-date pikis that address a wide range of products. Pikimal aims to suit the needs of various demographics of consumers and looks to grow and change to best address users’ needs. This has been added to ShoppingBots and Online Shopping 2011.

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