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International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI)

Posted by Marcus Zillman

International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI)

The International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI) provides a platform for leading research that addresses issues of human and technology interaction. The research that the journal intends to publish should therefore be interdisciplinary and include aspects from a wide variety of disciplines. These disciplines range from more technical ones such as computer science, engineering, or information systems to non-technical descriptions of technology and human interaction from the point of view of sociology or philosophy. Apart from aiming to be interdisciplinary the journal will also aspire to provide a publication outlet for research questions and approaches that are novel and may find it difficult to be published in established journals following a rigid and exclusive structure. It is open to all research paradigms, be they empirical or conceptual, but requires that they be accessible and reflected. We also encourage the submission of high quality syntheses across research in different specialties that are interesting and comprehensible to all members of the IS community and related disciplines. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

* Experiential learning though the use of technology in organizations
* Shaping of e-commerce through law and culture
* HCI design for trust development
* The influence of gender on the adoption and use of technology
* The phenomenology of e-government
* The value of intellectual capital in knowledge management
* Questions of computer or information ethics
* The relationship of theory and practice with regards to technology
* Ethical aspects of particular technologies, e.g. e-teaching, ERP, etc.
* Technological risks and their human basis
* Perceptions and conceptualizations of technology
* The intersection of humanities and sciences and its impact on technology use
* The social impact of specific technologies (e.g. biometrics, SCM, PGP,?)
* Normative questions of the development and use of technology
* Philosophy of technology
* Responsibility of Artificial Agents
* Technology assessment of software / hardware development
* Interaction and conversion between technologies and their impact on society
* The social shaping of technology and human interaction research
* Anthropological consequences of technology use

and all other related issues related to the interaction of technology and humans, either individually or socially.

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