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International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT)

Posted by Marcus Zillman

International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT)

The primary mission of the International Journal of Web-based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT) is to contribute to the broadening of the overall body of knowledge regarding the multi-dimensional aspects of web-based technologies in contemporaneous educational contexts, assisting researchers, practitioners, and decision makers to design more effective learning systems and scenarios. The IJWLTT hopes to explore the technical, social, cultural, organizational, human, cognitive, and commercial impact of technology. In addition, the IJWLTT will endeavor to attract a broad range of authors and, thereby, expand the dialogue to address the interplay among the diverse and disparate interests affected by technology in education. The journal will seek to explore the impact of web-based technology on the
design, implementation and evaluation of the learning and teaching process, as well as the development of new activities, relationships, skills, and competencies for the various actors implied in such processes. It will attempt to enlighten any and all of those responsible for the advancement of learning. This Journal focuses on the dimensions of reporting about developing new WBLT technologies and uses, and also sharing educational experiences and situations including (but not limited to) distance learning, collaborative work, constructivist approaches in on-line class-rooms, designing blended learning and programs, importance of dialogue in distance education programs, CSCL, network learning, etc. This journal also covers aspects such as models and frameworks for the pedagogical design of courses including or supported by WBLT technologies, and for issuing and evaluating educational policies in institutions, and for organizing and managing training policies or departments in companies. Issues in methodologies for the training of teachers and trainers, for the building of multi-disciplinary teams for distance and on-line program administration and delivery are also included in the coverage. Among topics to be included (but not limited) are the following:

* WLTT implementation: models, methods and frameworks
* Web-based Technologies enabled pedagogical scenarios
* Web-based Technologies enabled pedagogical systems and programs
* Decision making in implementing Web-based Learning and Teaching
* The management side of Web-based Learning and Teaching
* Building multi-disciplinary teams for WB learning and Teaching
* Network learning using WLTT
* Building Web-based Learning communities
* Constructivist approaches to Web-based Learning and Teaching
* Knowledge building using Web-based learning and Teaching Technologies
* Web Based CSCL
* Project Management for implementing WLTT
* Best practices

and all other related issues that impact the overall utilization and management of Web-based Technologies in Education.

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