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IT Central Station – Unbiased Reviews from the Tech Community

Posted by Marcus Zillman

IT Central Station – Unbiased Reviews from the Tech Community

While eating hummus and kebab in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City, Russell Rothstein and Naftali Marcus discussed what became the beginning of IT Central Station. Rothstein and Marcus teamed up to build a crowdsourced knowledge platform that helps technology decision makers around the world to better connect with peers and other independent experts who provide advice without vendor bias. With their diverse experience working in enterprise IT as well as in startups, the founders designed an online site that now operates like a Yelp or TripAdvisor for enterprise technology. IT Central Station has grown into a dynamic, real-time platform that offers user information that is current, objective, and relevant. It protects privacy in that users can either post anonymously to freely express their views or use their real names to promote their expertise. It enables knowledgeable experts, including real users and independent consultants, to share their expertise in a high quality community of decision makers. As a result, the community thrives as a valuable resource, ensuring that technology professionals get access to the right information and connect to the right people—for any topic, at any time. The Wall Street Journal calls us The Yelp for Enterprise Technology. Join the crowdsourcing revolution for enterprise tech at IT Central Station. This will be added to Business Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™.

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