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Posted by Marcus Zillman – The Flashcard Wiki is a fast, flexible, collaborative, free way to memorize things.’s goal is to take the focus off of memorization by making it simple and fast, so there’s ample time for the important stuff. An under-acknowlegedment of memorization’s role in learning is also worth avoiding. Boredom and a lack of comprehension often come from high-level discussions when the simpler lower-level terms and concepts haven’t been sufficiently communicated. Taking a couple minutes to memorizing a few succinct, well-worded definitions can help one prepare for high-level discussion, making it more inderstandable and less intimidating. Later the same material can be used to quickly review. We believe memorizing has its place – it should be easy, unintimidating, and very fast, and should augment other means of learning. pages are free-form and can contain multiple short, easy-to-handle tables with textual explanations (and diagrams etc) in between them. Thus you can make pages that assist memorization as well as explain a concept. As you view the pages, you can choose the memorization method that works for you, and create hints, and edit and add to the pages as you go. This has been aded to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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