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MIT Crosslinks and OCW

Posted by Marcus Zillman

MIT Crosslinks and OCW

If you’re learning about foundational STEM topics, you may want to explore MIT Crosslinks as a guide to OCW and other open educational resources. A sample image showing a topic listing for Discontinuity on the Crosslinks website. MIT Crosslinks describes how STEM topics are introduced, developed and applied across select MIT undergraduate courses. While only the MIT community may create and edit this crowdsourced content, the results are open to the world. Each Crosslinks topic, like the example to the right, starts with a brief definition. That’s followed by links to content which MIT students recommend to each other – and to you – to help learn about the topic. To highlight the interconnections among topics, the links are grouped into five “facets of learning”: a) Prepare: prerequisite topics for review; b) Learn: material to help you learn about the topic; c) Relate: other topics which are closely related; d) Advance: next topics after this one; and e) Apply: resources that describe how the topic is used in real life. Along with many specific OCW files, such as notes, videos, problems and solutions, you’ll find content from Wikipedia, Wolfram, Khan Academy, YouTube, and many other universities. This will be added to Tutorial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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