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Mobento – Video Learning Platform

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Mobento – Video Learning Platform

Mobento can help by organizing content better, being brutal in quality control, and being top of the class in innovation. Here’s what they bring: 1) Comprehensive – Mobento video is an one-stop hub for learning videos; 2) Quality – This is a library and a library has librarians. That’s them. They will be rigorous in only uploading high quality, fascinating videos from established academic institutions and learning organizations. For example when they launched on day one they only had 200 videos. Not many by You Tube standards but it delivers about 150 hours sourced from some of the finest speakers at Stanford, Yale, Khan Academy and TED. At Mobento, less is more, and 3) Mobento Search – Since they are bringing together such a wonderful collection of video content they owe it to their users and speakers to make it properly searchable. But searching video the way they wanted to simply didn’t exist. So they figured out how to make it exist. They think you’ll like it. Mobento Search instantly searches the entire video library for the words that were actually spoken. They are very proud of this. In fact it’s hard to believe that this won’t be the standard way of searching ALL videos within the next ten years. This will be added to Tutorial Resources Subject Tracer™

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