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MoData – Big Data Resources

Posted by Marcus Zillman

MoData – Big Data Resources

Data Projects do not simply start and end, if effective, they will continue for years, growing and changing. MoData regards support and maintenance as a vital part of the service ensuring continuity and reliability in the data supply chain. They understand the Data Product Lifecycle and the thinking as to how to turn data into value. Solutions offered: a) Data Preparation – Identify all sources and determine the reliability of supply and the quality of the data (inconsistencies, gaps, formatting errors). Understand the root causes of poor quality and see how far up the supply a fix can be applied. The fixes may be standard ETL processes, scripts from our extensive library or custom machine learning solutions that will proactively trap and correct issues. In many cases this may also be new business requirements and file specifications being sent to source companies. The idea is to provide a stream of data, at its most granular level that can be stored for further analysis; b) Data Storage – The principle behind storage for Big Data projects is to provide a reliable and consistent source of data while maintain the integrity of the data at its most granular form. Create a virtual store of data, federating all existing stores or migrating some or all into a central storage area. Do only the cleaning necessary to store, sometimes there is valuable insight locked away in the inconsistencies and holes. Create Enrich and Transform processes prior to Extracting data for insight discovery; and c) Insight Provisioning – Once the Data Scientists and Analysts have discovered the Insights and determined how they would be product ionized, then put in place repeatable and scalable processes to extract the data from storage, move it to a production deployment server and setup how that insight can be provisioned, whether in the form of dashboards, reports or real time feeds into applications. Security, permissions and even subscription or usage based billing and payment systems can be implemented. This will be added to Statistics Resources and Big Data Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Data Mining Resources Subject Tracer™.

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