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Nomibot – Bots Scour the Web To Bring You What You Want

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Nomibot – Bots Scour the Web To Bring You What You Want

Train your legion of bots to bring you personalized content. Powerful artificial intelligence evolves and adapts to your tastes. All for free! Features include: a) Powerful AI – Your bots are driven by powerful AI. As you teach them what you like and dislike your bots evolve with you; b) Your Bots are Always Listening – Every time you like or dislike content, your bots reassess what content they should bring you—The result? content always up to date with your tastes; c) Train to Thrive – The more time you spend with your bots the more they will learn from you; and d) It Takes a Village – Your bots will fetch content from the web, based on the training they received. They will also bring you content from users who have similar taste to you. More Functions include: 1) Social Networks Advantages – Sign in with social media to jump start your personalized experience; 2) Your Bots are Your Topics – Choose bots to bring your content from the topics you love; 3) Train your Bots – Teach your bots by swiping left or right or by using the thumbs; 4) Access Content in Different Views – Swipe through cards for a quick content snack, or access a card for a full view and more information; 5) Content at your Fingertips – Save your most relevant content for easy access; 6) Share the Knowledge – Share interesting content with family & friends; 7) Customize a Leader Bot – Choose and name a leader bot. Your bot will bring you a collection of personalized content from every topic; and 8) Keep up with Nomi – Access Nomi’s favorites to see the most popular and maybe find new things you like. This will be added to Artificial Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Bot Research Subject Tracer™.

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