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NotePub – Save, Share and Organize Your Notes

Posted by Marcus Zillman

NotePub – Save, Share and Organize Your Notes

Use NotePub to save, share, and organize your notes. It’s a snap. NotePub is free, and no questions will be asked, not even your email. With NotePub you can: a) Take notes; b) Publish your blog, wiki, or forum; c) Make a photo album; d) Save text, links, and pictures from other websites; e) Share ideas, collaborate, chat; f) Keep a ToDo list with links to detailed descriptions of each task; g) Encrypt your private data before it is sent to NotePub; h) See how a note has changed over time and go back to a previous version; and i) Upload and organize your files using tags instead of folders. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Trace™ Information Blog.

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