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Open Learning Initiative: Probability & Statistics

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Open Learning Initiative: Probability & Statistics

A strong grounding in probability and statistics can help with the interpretation of research studies in a variety of fields. Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative offers a free, online, four-unit course on Probability & Statistics for anyone looking to learn more about the discipline. This course, intended to be the equivalent of a college semester, is designed to be taken independently or incorporated into a classroom. The course utilizes the university’s own StatTutor program to provide interactive feedback and hints to learners as they solve problems. Learners have the choice of selecting two versions of this online course: Probability & Statistics, which includes a more “classical” approach to probability, or Statistical Reasoning, which features an abridged version of the Probability unit with an emphasis on the skills and knowledge needed to understand inference. This course is intended as a beginner course in Statistics and requires prior knowledge in basic algebra. This will be added to Statistics Resources and Big Data Subject Tracer™. Copyright © 2016 Internet Scout Research Group –

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