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Open Standards and Software for Bibliographies and Cataloging

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Open Standards and Software for Bibliographies and Cataloging

With the proliferation of robust and powerful open source software, the Internet, and standardization on XML data formats, there are unprecedented opportunities for the collection and management of information. Given the greatly increased access to information in the Internet era, metadata — in essence, information about information — becomes all the more essential. For scholars and researchers, among the most essential metadata is bibliographic. Being able to reliably store, find, use and communicate bibliographic data is a basic need of academic research. And yet the state of bibliographic software is largely stuck in the 1980s. This list provides a quick overview of the landscape of open-source bibliographic software; both where is has been, but more importantly, where it may yet go. Currently, the emphasis is on the needs of individuals and small groups rather than libraries, but given the growing overlap in the interests of these groups, the list is likely to expand to some extent to cover more library software. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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