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At they deliver wonderful results to their Buyers because they provide access to the biggest creative department on the planet. Their network of Creatives is drawn from over 100 countries throughout the world and includes more than 7,800 individuals. Because of their wide range of talents and variety of backgrounds, their Creatives are able to provide the richest and most diverse ideas you could wish for. Their Creatives are advertising specialists. Because they want to provide you with the most complete range of talented individuals possible, their network is built of both freelancers and agencies, and from everyone from students to creative directors. (Their identities are protected throughout until licences are purchased.) You can find the ideas you’re looking for in their Gallery or by holding pitches. The Gallery contains hundreds of unbranded ideas for you to search through, whereas pitches allow you to specify your individual requirements, letting the ideas come directly to you. This has been added to Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Resources Internet MiniGuide. This has been added to Internet Experts Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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