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Optical Memory & Neural Networks

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Optical Memory & Neural Networks

This is an international journal aimed at providing a broad exchange of ideas and research results obtained in academic and industrial research organizations throughout the world. The journal covers a wide range of issues in information optics such as optical memory, mechanisms for optical data recording and processing, photosensitive materials, optical and optoelectronic components, and many other related topics. Also included are memory systems using biological structures and concepts of brain operation. Topics:

Fundamentals of Information Optics
* Signal and image processing with optics
* Coherent effects and transformations with optics
* Computer and holographic optics
* Near-field optics and super-resolution
* Bioelectronics and biocomputing

Fundamentals of Optical Memory
* Recording mechanisms and materials
* 3D memory
* Holographic and neural memory
* Spectral hole burning and photon echo
* Auto-waves and photosensitive biostructures
* Associative memory and self-organization
* Soliton and biochemical memory

Optical Neural Networks
* Architectures and algorithms
* Self-training methods
* Mathematical models and implementations
* Optical neural computing
* Supervised and unsupervised learning

Systems and Applications
* Holographic data storage systems
* Optical storage and database systems
* Neuroprocessors and neurocomputers
* Data processing systems
* Speech and pattern recognition
* Human-system interface and machine vision
* Combinatory optimization and control systems

Optical and Optoelectronic Devices
* Laser and modulator arrays
* Photodetector and lenslet arrays
* Holographic and GRIN elements
* Scanning and switching
* Optical interconnects and networking
* Bistable and nonlinear devices

The journal pays particular attention to research in the field of neural net systems that may, by endowing computation means with intelligence, lead to a new generation of computing devices.

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