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PackBack – Rent Digital Textbooks for $5 or Less

Posted by Marcus Zillman

PackBack – Rent Digital Textbooks for $5 or Less

Daily on-demand ebook rentals for just $3-$5 a day ensure you only pay when you need to read. Packback offers day or semester rentals. Plus, money spent on daily rentals gets credited back to you if you decide to rent for the semester. They know you are dying to buy textbooks, but with Packback there’s no need to rush! Wait until syllabus week to see how much the book will be used in class, and then use Packback to get your books as needed at home, right on your own computer. You will actually save money by procrastinating! With Packback you have the freedom to rent textbooks instantly on your computer whenever you need them. Need to study for a test or do an assignment? We’ve got you covered! Rent on the Packback platform and access your book on your computer at any time. You can rent your books for $5 or less per day, and never waste a dime. Packback’s here to save students money. You can keep renting all semester, but if you ever decide you need to buy the book, Packback credits you back any money you spent on rentals. Spent $15 already? Now that $100 dollar book is $85. You waste no money and have total security while you’re renting your books. This will be added to Student Research Resources Subject Tracer™ .

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