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PandaDoc – Send Documents Like a Pro

Posted by Marcus Zillman


PandaDoc – Send Documents Like a Pro

Web and mobile platform to send digital documents with e-signature, annotations, change tracking, and so much more … PandaDoc is all about building an easier, more logical way to handle documents. And it’s all about flexibility, enabling you to create, send, track and sign docs the way you always dreamed you could. Features include: a) Analytical – Ever send a document and simply wait for it to be signed, never knowing anything more? PandaDoc tracks your docs, let’s you know who has looked at what, when, and then gives you detailed analytics to help you plan your next move; b) Flexible – PandaDoc lets you to drag-n-drop apps that allow you to customize your document creation, integrating with all your favorite service or app, making your experience unique and just the way you’d want it. And no more resizing, you can view your PandaDocs from any laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, at any time; c) Collaborative – A document doesn’t just have to be signed or unsigned. With PandaDoc, the recipients can give feedback, commenting right then and there. You can also enrich your docs by adding hyperlinks, videos, photos and so much more; and d) Easy-breezy – Use e-signature to get things signed off on quickly, easily and securely. No more important documents lying around. No more printing, scanning, uploading or snail-mailing. Just email a link and get things done simpler. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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