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Personal Learning Envionments

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Personal Learning Environments

Personal Learning Envionments

Personal Learning Envionments are systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to a) set their own learning goals, b) manage their learning; managing both content and process, and c) communicate with others in the process of learning; and thereby achieve learning goals. There are many dimensions to a space of PLEs. One basic distinction is between those visions , or incarnations, of PLEs as pure Web 2.0 artefacts, and those running on local hardware, be that anything from a laptop to a handheld. In the latter incarnation a further distinction is between those PLEs connected to the web, and those operating offline, perhaps in a field environment or a wi-fi free hospital. Off-line usage without connecting back to the web would be possible, but would be an incredibly impovrishing use, since the common conception of a PLE is that it is to be used in pedagogic contexts that acknowledge (or even emphasise) the role of communication in learning.

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