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Professional BI Requirements Template

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Professional BI Requirements Template

A great way to jumpstart your BI software selection project is with an expert requirements template from SelectHub. Their BI template contains the most important criteria to consider when purchasing a BI solution. The template provides a consolidation of key criteria identified by industry analysts and SelectHub users involved in actual BI selection projects. By knowing what has been selected as the top decision criteria by users and analysts, and matching it against you own requirements, you’ll exponentially increase your likelihood of choosing the right BI platform. Easily manage your BI requirements process using their free templates. Their BI requirements template and checklist is designed for organizations to be able to more easily understand and collaborate on the key BI requirements needed when selecting a vendor and platform. Not only does their BI requirements template give you a deep look at feature sets within various BI platforms, you can export and download the BI requirements template in spreadsheet format for further collaboration. This free BI requirements template is broken down by 5 major groups containing 21 sub-groups and more than 90 total BI requirements. The major groups include: Key Requirements, Functional Requirements, Technical Requirements, Support & Services and Vendor Profile. Examples of the BI requirements sub-groups include: Data Visualization, Reporting, Analytics, Scalability, Fault Tolerance, User Support and more. This will be added to Business Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer™.

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