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RCMI Translational Research Network

Posted by Marcus Zillman

RCMI Translational Research Network

A groundbreaking consortium of biomedical, behavioral and clinical researchers working with healthcare providers and the community to address health disparities through collaboration. Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Translational Research Network (RTRN) fosters and supports inter-institutional collaboration to maximally leverage outcomes, resources and expertise across member RCMI institutions, enhancing research capacity and accelerating the understanding and treatment of diseases, with a focus on those that disproportionately affect underserved communities. The Strategic Goals of RTRN are to: a) Enhance infrastructure to facilitate multi-site, cross-disciplinary translational research, especially research focused on addressing health disparities. b) Enhance processes to increase the efficiency of conducting multi-site clinical trials and translational research; and c) Enhance web-based research, training, and educational resources for investigators, health care providers, research participants, and the general public. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™.

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