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Research Data Spring

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Research Data Spring

Technical tools, software and service solutions to support the researchers’ workflows, the use and management of their data. Research data spring, part of the research at risk co-design challenge area, is a project aiming to find new technical tools, software and service solutions, which will improve researchers’ workflows and the use and management of their data. Their co-design process has identified research data management as a key priority for continued research and development. The project model intends to support the creation of innovative partnerships between researchers, librarians, publishers, developers and other stakeholders engaged in the research data lifecycle. Through the project they hope that the use of practice and standards from other important initiatives in the research data area are pursued, such as DataCite, ORCID, SSI and the ODI certificate. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™.

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