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SecretInk – Create a Message That Automatically Self-Destructs After Reading

Posted by Marcus Zillman

SecretInk – Create a Message That Automatically Self-Destructs After Reading

SecretInk is a platform for sending secure messages that self-destruct immediately after being read. You can send passwords, account information or just plain fun messages and rest assured that no 3rd parties will read them. SecretInk sends all messages over HTTPS so your message text never touches the network unencrypted. Since they use end-to-end encryption, your message will never be readable by your work, ISP or third party mail hosts. Once a message is opened it is permanently deleted from their database. They never retain a copy and your message will be gone forever. They really believe in the power of secret messages, so they have built SecretInk to send SMS and e-mails for free! You can send messages to any phone number in their supported countries for free and it will be just as secure as every other SecretInk message. No one but the recipient will ever be able to read it. SecretInk is a new product made by PowerInbox. PowerInbox sees the next generation of email as collaborative, real-time, and interactive. The PowerInbox team is committed to bringing the app experience to email. PowerInbox’s interactive email plug-in allows users to perform real-time interactions inside emails from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™.

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