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Social Buzz Bot 2019

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Social Buzz Bot 2019

The Social Buzz Bot 2019 (SSB) is a highly structured search bot utilizing cloud computing and artificial intelligence with a grid of 50,000+ computers within the cloud. Our unique distributed architecture stitches together computers from all around the world to deliver exceptional bot crawling performance. We currently have the capability to crawl two billion pages per day. The niched part of our project is to have available current awareness curated business and social intelligence information with regards to the various significant and not so significant (where many memes are born) social communities and related applications and sites. The Social Buzz Bot 2019 will give the small entrepreneurial startup, medium size business and large scale enterprise business networks the capability to receive current awareness happenings in the social community environs and to use that business intelligence to make decisions that will aid the overall performance and direction of the business in today’s new and exponentially growing social economy. This project is scheduled to start in 2019 and is currently in the funding stage.

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