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The Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

Posted by Marcus Zillman

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

The I2P network provides strong privacy protections for communication over the Internet. Many activities that would risk your privacy on the public Internet can be conducted anonymously inside I2P. I2P is an anonymous overlay network – a network within a network. It is intended to protect communication from dragnet surveillance and monitoring by third parties such as ISPs. I2P is used by many people who care about their privacy: activists, oppressed people, journalists and whistleblowers, as well as the average person.No network can be “perfectly anonymous”. The continued goal of I2P is to make attacks more and more difficult to mount. Its anonymity will get stronger as the size of the network increases and with ongoing academic review. I2P is available on desktops, embedded systems (like the Raspberry Pi) and Android phones. Help spread the word! Features include: 1) Email: Integrated web mail interface, plugin for serverless email; 2) Web browsing: Anonymous websites, gateways to and from the public Internet; 3) Blogging and forums: Blogging and Syndie plugins; 4) Website hosting: Integrated anonymous web server; 5) Real-time chat: Instant messaging and IRC clients; 6) File sharing: ED2K and Gnutella clients, integrated BitTorrent client; and 7) Decentralized file storage: Tahoe-LAFS distributed filesystem plugin. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2015 white paper. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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