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The PR List

Posted by Marcus Zillman

The PR List Edited by Constantin Basturea

The list includes PR weblogs as well as other RSS-enabled news sources. “PR blogs” is a nickname for weblogs about PR and communication in an organizational setting. If a weblog is (or is not) a “PR blog” is determined by the blog’s author and by its readers; there is no universally recognized set of criteria for it. The following types of resources are included: 1) personal weblogs, 2) corporate weblogs, 3) educational weblogs, 4) podcasts,5) wikis, 6) book weblogs, 7) event weblogs, 8) industry publications, 9) news from professional associations, and 10) corporate publications. This will be added to Advertising, Marketing and Public Realtions Resources 2006 Internet MiniGuide.

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