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TransCertain – Secure Your Data

Posted by Marcus Zillman

TransCertain – Secure Your Data

TransCertain’s™ modular break through cloud and database MicroEncryption™ solutions provide customers with a flexibility that sets a new standard crossing and creating new boundaries for data security, adaptability, and accessibility. TransCertain’s™ platform architecture consists of three proprietary core elements, plus a new and innovative user interface each which utilizes TransCertain’s™ revolutionary proprietary technology. Collectively, the elements interact seamlessly and transparently, streamlining protocols and providing an extremely high level of security while minimizing risk exposure, saving clients’ time and money. TransCertain’s™ services are adaptable, easy to utilize and do not require costly changes to users’ business practices or legacy systems. The core module is CertainStore™, a HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PII, PHI, compliant solution which engages proprietary algorithms that MicroEncrypt™ sensitive data, and stores it in a vault. CertainStore™ then generates a unique token which is used as the primary identifier of the data outside the vault. Complementing CertainStore’s™ security is its ability to secure any data type from simple text to x-ray fi les or all other types highly sensitive documents up to 2 gigabytes in size per file. Putting the tokens to task is TransAct™ a fl exible SmartAdaptor™ based system that allows any data to TransAct™ with any other third party system, such as payment processing, identity verifi cation, bank systems, account systems as well as any data transformation. The third element is ProcessOnTime™ a recurring process scheduling engine that allows an organization to manage business rules which determine when, how often, and what kind of data processing to schedule and execute. Most data integration requires months of time and up to millions of dollars. TransCertain’s™ agnostic integration platform can MicroEncrypt™ a company’s files and have them processing data in a matter of weeks with minimal cost. TransCertain’s™ solutions are applicable on a global basis across dozens of industries and businesses both large and small. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Internet Privacy and Security Resources Digital Linkseries Publications.

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