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What Is a VPN and Do You Need One

Posted by Marcus Zillman

What Is a VPN and Do You Need One

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Originally, VPN was used by large companies to connect computers in distant locations and until today, the use of VPN is popular among organizations with more than one PC office. Imagine, for example, that the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta has an office building where all of the computers are connected to the company’s server through cables, and there is little danger that hackers will break into Coca-Cola’s private network. Now Coca-Cola opens an office in Canada and its employees in Toronto need access to the private network. But running a cable from the office in Atlanta to Toronto is a bit too much just to maintain privacy. Therefore the company uses a VPN to virtually create a private network (hence the acronym “Virtual Private Network” or VPN). This is how a connection was formed between the computer in Toronto and the main server in Atlanta in a secure way (the different communication protocols of the VPN are responsible for the security, which is, of course, not as perfect as a real private network, but is close enough). This connection that is established between these computers without any real cables is, of course, made through the internet. That is why, many workers (working from home, working from a hotel, or people commuting) can connect to Coca-Cola’s virtual private network as long as they have proper credentials. In practice, although the above explanation refers to large organizations, VPN services have become popular due to their secondary feature: The ability to be seen as if you are surfing from the main server when you might actually be in a different country. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™.

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