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The World’s First AI Financial Advisor

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Pefin – The World’s First AI Financial Advisor

Artificial Intelligence that guides smart financial decisions at 1/20th the cost of a human advisor. Smart technology that knows your priorities, learns from you, and guides you to the best decisions. From taxes to daycare costs in your neighborhood, we take care of every detail that matters. At your service 24/7. No meetings. No sales pitches. Unbiased and on your side. Smart technology monitors the markets, your balances, tax rules, and more – 24/7 – making sure you are always on track. Understand how much to invest and what investments are right for you. They build a portfolio that’s perfectly aligned to your life today and your upcoming priorities. Neural networks stay on top of everything – the markets, federal and state tax code, inflation, property taxes in your area, mortgage and insurance rates, even daycare costs in your area – on average we monitor over 2 million data points for you. Machine learning algorithms figure out the best financial decisions for you – How early can you retire? Which home can you afford? And, what investment portfolio is ideal for you? Decisions are transparent and never biased. Pefin adapts and learns from you and recalibrates your financial plans looking at what you said you would do and what is actually going on. This will be added to Financial Sources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Financial Sources for the Family Office 2016

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