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Write Freely

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Write Freely

Write Freely is an open-source, distraction-free blogging environment. It produces minimalist blogs with “no news feed, notifications, or unnecessary likes or claps to take you away from your train of thought.” Users compose posts in a simple, auto-saving editor using either Markdown or HTML formatting. Posts on Write Freely-driven sites can be federated to any other site or service that supports the ActivityPub standard (such as Mastodon or Pleroma). The “Writer Guide” in the “Documentation” (found in the Resources drop-down menu) details the software’s publication workflow and describes how users can customize the display of their content. Users can click “Install” in the menu at the top of the page to download the software and learn how to self-host their own Write Freely instances. Write Freely is written in Go, and the project provides executables for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. The documentation notes that the software is sufficiently lightweight that moderate-traffic blogs can be hosted on low-end cloud servers “or even a Raspberry Pi.” Alternatively, the “Hosting” section (also found in the Resources drop-down) describes several services that provide  This will be added to Wortld Wide Web Reference Subject Tracer.  Write Freely blogs for a monthly fee. Copyright © 2021 Internet Scout Research Group –

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