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Beansprock – Your Personal Tech Job Hunter

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Beansprock – Your Personal Tech Job Hunter

Beansprock wants to change the way people find and attain jobs. For the busy professional, spending hours every day browsing job postings simply isn’t possible. Even if it was, don’t get us started on how deficient these postings are. Beansprock does all the work for you—evaluating thousands of tech jobs every day and sending only the best one to you. Beansprock’s knowledge base allows our matching to go beyond keyword search. For example, if you are skilled in Angular.js, then we can infer that you know JavaScript and front-end development. Also important for finding your best job, they can identify new skills that you may be interested in learning and can pick up easily. While building Beansprock, they asked hundreds of developers—what do you want to know most about a job? Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the responses were for things not even found on a typical job posting. Beansprock augments every posting with a richer understanding of that job. Our matches consider the salary expectations, the commute time, as well as your company preferences, such as the markets it plays in, its size, and even its culture. As one user (who isn’t our mom) stated—”this is everything I want, why hasn’t anyone done this before?” We asked ourselves the same thing. This will be added to Employment Resources Subject Tracer™.

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