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Bento Lab – Experience Genetics Everywhere

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Bento Lab – Experience Genetics Everywhere

Check out what their users are doing on their Stories page. Bento Lab allows you to copy DNA and do basic DNA analysis, for example to compare species or different versions of a gene like the PTC gene that relates to taste receptors. If you have never done DNA analysis before, get in touch as they are working on a Getting Started page. Bento Lab is geared towards both professional and science education. Their beta testers come from all different backgrounds. Their users are working with Bento Lab for everything from molecular fieldwork, to science outreach, to creating cool art. The CRISPR technique primarily relies on reagents (primers and plasmids) as well as equipment. The equipment required for CRISPR includes a thermocycler, which Bento Lab contains. You may also need an electroporator and an incubator. Over the years, we have benefitted immensely from the generosity and innovativeness of the Open Source, Open Science, DIYbio and Biocommons community. We stand on the shoulders of giants such as Hackteria, the fantastic OpenPCR project, the iGEM community, and many, many others. For them, accessibility is the priority. They want to document the project well, so they are giving themselves a runway. They are planning to release the firmware source code, the electronic specifications and CAD files of the functional device (more suitable for readily-available materials!) into the public domain by the end of 2016. This will be added to Biological Informatics Subject Tracer™.

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