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Betterteam – Post Jobs for Free to 100+ Job Sites

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Betterteam – Post Jobs for Free to 100+ Job Sites

Within minutes, they will help you post your jobs online on the world’s most popular job sites. No more tedious copy and paste or multiple logins. No more managing multiple ads on different job boards with multiple accounts. Post your jobs online and buy discounted premium job ads on Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, SimplyHired and more. Replace email and spreadsheets with a beautiful, easy to use, web based applicant tracking system. Made for individuals and small teams who want an all-in-one recruiting software. Add a job board to your website without coding. Never miss a candidate resume or email again. Accept applications and keep track of all your candidates, notes and email communications. Features include: a) No coding skills required, b) Drag & drop designer, c) Beautiful templates, and d) Mobile ready. The only recruiting software in the world that writes job ads for you. Use their point and click job ad builder to create a professional and persuasive job ad in minutes. Create a fast and beautiful applicant experience for your candidates. An elegant candidate experience is important if you want to attract the right people to your jobs. Betterteam provides a great web and mobile experience making the application process seamless. Don’t leave your inbox. Manage your candidates and workflow via email. With Betterteam, you don’t need to change the way you work. Take action on every candidate right in your inbox. Supports all email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Outlook and more. Recruiting software for you and your team. Whether you’re a team of one, two or twenty, Betterteam helps you post multiple jobs and keep track of hundreds of candidates, hiring stages, internal notes and much more. This will be added to Employment Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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