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Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture

Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture will publish high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship that examines theories, practices, and processes of communication as they relate to the environment around the world. As such, the journal will serve as a nexus, a place of global connection and conversation, among scholars working in and across a variety of disciplines who explore how humans communicate about and within both natural and cultural nvironments. The journal will also seek to promote interaction between academic scholars and those who practice environmental communication, including community members, industry professionals, government officials, and others, through a number of special features, including a regularly published section devoted to practice. The journal is grounded in two theoretical and practical commitments: 1) symbolic and natural systems are mutually constituted, and 2) effective engagement with environmental issues requires reflection on communication practices and processes. Consistent with those commitments, the journal will promote the following goals:

* Develop theoretical concepts, models, or formulations that uniquely explain or illuminate the material and symbolic dimensions of human interfaces with the non-human life world. This journal will seek to publish environmental communication research that contributes to the development of broader theories and ways of understanding how humans communicate with one another in various places, communities and cultures.

* Present and engage in conversation multiple approaches to exploring environmental communication, including empirical, experimental, cultural, ethnographic, textual, ethical, rhetorical, and critical. This journal will open to publishing work that examines important issues (such as the promotion of “just sustainability” in urban and rural environments around the world) and concepts (such as the “environmental self,” the ways in which one’ self-concept relates to one’ surroundings) from a variety of methodological perspectives within communication and other fields. The journal also hopes to engage scholars from a variety of disciplines, with distinct perspectives, frameworks, and research findings, as well as practitioners in the field, in productive conversations about environmental communication concepts and practices.

* Explore the tensions and possibilities between conventional academic scholarship and more participatory “action research” that are experienced by many scholars who work in environmental communication. This journal will highlight, celebrate, and also interrogate “pracademic” activities engaged in by scholars, teachers, students, and advocates, in communities urban and rural, in the United States and around the world.

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