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Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JoGG)

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Journal of Genetic Genealogy

Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JoGG)

JoGG invites papers presenting original work involving techniques for analyzing the results of genetic testing that will prove of wide use among the genealogical community. The main emphasis of this journal will be to present a forum for articles that may not be appropriate for other established genetics journals since they may be based on datasets in which a statistically random sample cannot be guaranteed (i.e. surname studies). Articles on individual surname studies are welcomed if they illustrate an unusual success story, present a new method of analysis, or would otherwise be of general interest to the genealogical community. Other topics might include insights into mutation rates, geographic patterns in genetic data, information that help to characterize haplogroups, and studies involving mtDNA. Beyond Y chromosomal and mtDNA topics, we encourage articles on new tools that may include X chromosome markers, and ancestrally informative autosomal markers. This has been added to Genealogy Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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