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TURN – Automatic Targeting Ad Network

Posted by Marcus Zillman

TURN – Automatic Targeting Ad Network

Their mission is simple: to deliver the most effective advertising in the world. But how they do it is what makes this company so revolutionary. With careers spent at companies like AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Overture, and Yahoo, they know first hand what it takes to create a truly revolutionary ad platform. By combining their automatic targeting technology with an innovative bidded CPA pricing model, Turn will deliver unparalleled relevance, unprecedented ad coverage and unbelievable profits for advertisers and publishers. Here’s what makes Turn so unique: a) Automatic targeting. Whether you’re an advertiser or publisher, all you have to do is submit your ad or URL. Turn will automatically analyze it and select the most relevant and effective placement. Turn eliminates the complexity of manual targeting and managing keywords and bid prices with technology that automatically selects the best graphical or text ads for any placement; b) Blended targeting. Turn uses sophisticated algorithms to blend more than 60 relevance variables rather than just one or two, the common practice of most networks; and c) Bidded CPA pricing model. Turn lets advertisers pay only for the actual performance they want. This will be added to Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Resources 2007 Internet Min iGuide.

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