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Scicasts – Science Connected

Posted by Marcus Zillman



Scicasts – Science Connected

Scicasts is a media-tech company that connects science professionals and decision makers to a dynamic network of critical information, new ideas and thought leaders. Their core team started their careers as scientists who faced the common challenges faced by thousands of their peers around the world. Particularly in keeping up with the vast, daily flow of scientific news, industry reports, sector-specific trends and key developments. Their strength is through their in-house technology, R&D and in-house staff reporting. With Scicasts, they connect the key science and technology sectors using a distinctive approach that saves their audience time and money from searching and subscribing to multiple publications and news sources. In addition, they employ an engaging participatory news model through a selected community of contributors from world-leading and reputable analyst firms, trade associations and institutions. At Scicasts, they conduct their reporting on all companies, research institutions and individuals with strict independence, fairness and without bias. What drives us is a simple principle: Facilitating knowledge facilitates innovation. For this reason, all of their content and online events are free and fully accessible without any subscription fees. They are big supporters of open science and are moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach applied by many of their competitors. They put their readers in charge! This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This has been added to Knowledge Discovery Resources Subject Tracer™.

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