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Wonderly – Get Straight to the Answers

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Wonderly – Get Straight to the Answers

The AI-powered browser extension that makes it fast and easy to get answers while surfing the web for work, study, or leisure. They are making search easier and saving people hundreds of hours spent on finding information online. Features: 1) Quick Answers – Crisp brief answers, not a long jumbled mess of information; 2) Articles Summary – Save hours on your daily reading list, just ask ‘What’s this article about?’; 3) Contextual Content – Find relevant facts in a single search; 4) Data & Privacy – Your data is always private and will never be monetized; 5) Endless Possibilities – Show us how you will use it! What will you wonder about?; and 6) Explanations – Dig deeper into an answer to get the most out of your reading. This will be added to 2022 Guide to Searching the Internet Subject Tracer.

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